Our physical learning initiatives are intended to help children develop eye-hand coordination and cross/fine motor skills through a variety of stimulating activities. As the only preschool with indoor playground, we provide comprehensive opportunity to meet children’s physical needs. for activities and games.


We help children in our preschool program expand their vocabulary and develop strong language skills. Children will also learn reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking skills through a number of mentally-stimulating activities.


We use stories, lessons, and interactive play to help children learn and develop critical social skills, including sharing, communication, and common manners. Today’s children have the privilege and the benefit of growing up in a world that is connected on a global level, encouraging socialization between many diverse and different people.


We help foster and encourage strong emotional development in our preschool program, by helping children learn to identify emotions in others as well as identifying and appropriately expressing their own feelings.


Our Preschool facility is bright, spacious, and clean, with colourful learning areas which receive plenty of natural sunlight through floor-to-ceiling windows. We follow a rigorous cleaning regimen using all-natural products that keep our preschool sanitary without the use of harsh or irritating chemicals. They’re decorated in stimulating and cheerful colours, and boast sturdy and reliable furnishing.